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Born in Moldes (Córdoba, Argentina, June 19, 1919), d., Buenos Aires , 25 November 1999 .
Doctor in Medicine (National University of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, 1945-1953).
Doctor's degree in psychiatry (University of Buenos Aires, 1958).
Founder of "Centre of Researches on Psychosomatic Medicine" (National Hospital "del Centenario", Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina,1946).
Founder of various Services of Psychopathology and Psychosomatic Clinic in General Hospitals, Buenos Aires city, Argentina .
Director of Mind Health, "General Directorate of Schools' Health", National Education Ministry.
Professor of Medical Psychology, Professional Improvement Courses for physicians.
Professor of Educational Psychology, Professional Improvement Courses for teachers.
Public Lectures on sociologic, educational, anthropologic, spiritual subjects.
Papers before Scientific Conferences. Contributions in books and magazines.
Since his early youth, before entering Medicine, he was interested in History and Sciences of the Soul. Being 11 years old, he wrote his first book (hand-written, unpublished) "Greatness of Soul" ("Grandeza de Alma").

He explored different spiritual paths, trying to find the "pass word" between mystic tradition and science theory.

As a newly graduated physician, he contacted outstanding "gifted" personalities, with ESP powers. Intending scientific researches on these parapsychological phenomena so far empiricallyconsidered in Argentina , with Dr. Orlando Canavesio, he founded "Medical Association of Argentine Metapsychics " (October 27, 1946), which published two issues of "Medical Magazine of Metapsychics" ("Revista Médica de Metapsíquica"), with correspondents from several parts of the world. But his future researches would not deal with phenomenalistic matters, but with other fields of knowledge: Philosophy, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Biology, Comparative Religion, Philosophy of History, Physics, Physiochemistry... Soon he would tread on the Path of the Knowledge's Tree, displayed before his eyes with manifold branches, from sciences of nature to sciences of the spirit -just the outer face of a far pristine stream of knowledge sprouting from the very roots of the Tree of Life... And he was able to grasp that the illustrated intelligence could not give any answer to questions about the soul or the meaning of life: this was the first existential crisis ending in his first night of the spirit.

By the 50's, after long time, the mysterious providential Power, who knows the steps of man and gates of history, leads him by the hand to the enigmatic crossroads; and it is there, where light and sound come together, that a significant encounter occurs -the thought kept silent, and the Mother-Tongue started talking.

The word became silence, but from this silence a testimony emerged. From the inner beat of the soul a word would come. And in 1966, here is his first testimonial writing: " Germs of Future in Man " (" Gérmenes de Futuro en el Hombre ") -now it was not science explaining its meaning about man, but the very man trying to explain to himself through the language of science. Later, " The Way of Egoencia (From existential anguish to mystic of the heart) " (" El Camino de la Egoencia -De la angustia existencial a la mística del corazón ") (1969), " Anthropology of Synthesis (Signs, rhythms and functions of planetary man) ", (" Antropología de Síntesis -Signos, ritmos y funciones del hombre planetario "), (1980), " University of Synthesis (Argentinian model for 2000) ", (" Universidad de Síntesis -Modelo argentino para el año 2000 ") (1984), become testimonial works: several forms of knowledge trying to give sound, word, and philosophical, scientific and social contents to the stream of energy - teaching that leaves (within) its in-sounding track in molecules of life.

After completing this first cycle developing its thought of synthesis, again the soul stays away like earth keeping in its womb the seed of an achievement that expects a new birth. Time for reflection, meditation, assimilation -a gen- ethical passage from values of the spirit to chemistry of the soul. In 1986, during the "First Latin-American Conference on Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy", Mendoza, Argentina, he reads his paper on " Egoencia of the Being ", which is an idea hardly outlined in his early books, now developed in a wider theoretical context: " From physiology of terrestrial man to psysio-ecology of cosmic man ". In short, "What is written on the stars is also in-scribed on the invisible keyboard of molecules of human life." His presence culminates with a TV interview, in Channel 7, Mendoza , Argentina , about "Germs of Future in Man and Planetary Civilisation in the Third Millennium " (October 10, 1986).

But certain works are on the peak of the mountain and in the bottom of the underground world. And then, a new stage: ten years of retreat, inwardness, transmuting energies of life -a far darker night than the dark night of the soul. From this new state ( De Profundis ) " Reversibility of values " (" Reversibilidad de Valores ") emerges, a leading idea displayed in mystic dimensions (" RevelationRe-veiled ", " RevelaciónRe-velada "); in cosmogonic dimensions (" Human Galaxy in In-plosion ", " Galaxia Humana en In-plosión "); and in social dimensions (" Social Gen- ethics", " Gen-ética social " and " Whispers of the Night before Dawn ", " Susurros en la noche antes del amanecer "); to culminate in " Social Transfiguration of the Word" (" Transfiguración Social del Verbo "): a synthesis of divine/human values anticipating the symbolic geometry of the new sign of the time, and prefiguring the historic frame of a " Pro-phetic Argentine " in the symbolic geography of a unified Earth.

And the work ends with a final Chord, coming back to the starting point, to " Egoencia ", the critical point of reversibility of human/divine values in the heart of man, and pulse of expansive/inwardness (radiant energy released) to sustain the providential economy in a world to come.

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